In The Name of Art

Chantal Camus

Published 3 p.m. MT Jan. 9, 2022


Remember the first impression you had when you were first encountered with an instrument, that first song you heard from your favorite band or artist, your first live concert, the first book you read, your first painting, drawing or creating a sculpture, writing a poem to a loved one, writing a story, the feeling of watching a movie in the theaters and experiencing so many emotions, acting or making impressions, your first camera for photography, filming, or just for memories, or the first time you practiced make-up art or a simple eye shadow you loved, yet nothing else mattered but that one art passion you had for a while, right? And for some, now it has remained with you from then to this present moment. That, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the most sensational connections a human being can ever acquire. Art.

Creating this blog has been on my mind for a couple of months now and in the work of process of wanting to figure out who I am in order to write what I am. I thought, "Why not show my other creative side and help others using previous experiences, sharing what my thinking creative process is, and share some of this inspirational creativity I gain from others and my surroundings?" The Artist is not only to show my love for writing, but an art blog that will help out the inner artistic side in many of you that I believe people tend to hide or underestimate their creativity or works, and I think it's time to expand and evolve. I have always had a deep connection to variety forms of arts and learned how to balance, combine, gain, and use them all to bring to life. It is what keeps me going, so why not share this with all of you?

In today's first blog, I will be introducing and covering what the meaning of art is, what our role as artists is, what makes us an artist, where creativity comes from, and how as an audience, person, or other arts can support artists.



What is art? What is considered art?

Art, for most of you may instantly think of a piece of painting since it is mostly viewed as a painting, and we blame society for that, or not. The word "art" was originated from the Latin ars, meaning "skill"; yet I believe art requires more than just "skills". It requires imagination, emotions, experiences, our 5 senses and, most importantly, an open mind. Yes, an open mind.

It is crucial to have an open mind when observing, listening, and/or creating a piece of art. If you are not honest or open with yourself, then the art you're trying to view or create, you won't be able to connect with it or it wouldn't be art at this point, just a piece of existing thing being there, just how most of society views art now. So, kind of realized that also my point in this blog is to save the arts and our perception of it.

You can also connect to art with other people's opinions, judgement, or critics, that's how artists evolve or your mind changes from a different perspective of the art. And I think is beautiful to think that you can experience art at the same time with someone special. Let me give you an example.

As you can see, right above this writing blog, there's a photo of me with all of my meaningful objects of art that represent me. Let me show you how and why: on the top left corner, there's a vintage 90's black Ralph Lauren blazer with golden wires on the logo, in which I've had for a couple years now that I bought in New York City and I think it is the most representative, aesthetic piece of clothing I'll ever have; on top, wrapped around my neck is a gold necklace with my name on it, which was gifted to me in my birthday from a special friend of mine, since you know in most coffee places they don't know how to spell my name so it makes it easier for them; on the right side is Derek, my 5-string American Jazz Fender electric bass guitar, and well we all know how much that means to me; on the bottom, is one of my favorite nobles from my most inspiring author The Stranger by Albert Camus, he is the reason why I have a very specific way of philosophical thinking and why my artistic last name is "Camus". These are the few things that I will mention of these objects.

I combined fashion, modeling, literature, painting, and music with photography. So you see, you CAN combine all forms of art together. I believe there are many more art forms that tend to define me as well but these are the ones that have stuck with me since I was nine years old. Perhaps, these are also in your life, or not, but remember that no one is you and you have to embrace who you are with what you have and the capability and skills of being creative.

Here are a few of (what I consider) the types of art there are:

  • Dance

  • Painting

  • Music

  • Architecture

  • Sculpture

  • Literature

  • Poetry

  • Photography

  • Film

  • Acting

  • Modeling

  • Make-Up art

  • Fashion

and many, many more...


But what is art without the artist? What makes us artists? What is an artist? Can I become an artist?

There's no way there can be art without an artist, but again, nature and science can silence me with this statement (and most of you religious people may disagree with this statement of mine). Artist is someone who creates and practices wide ranges of any type of art, in which makes a person have different type of skills. For example, not only do I play bass and other instruments and compose music, but I am fond of writing poetry, love fashion style, graphic designing, capturing photography, analyzing films in order to create music scores, and even writing stories. I will admit that I should be putting more of my art work out there. That is why in this blog, I am encouraging you to try other forms of art because not only are you. just a musician, or just a painter, or just a writer, there is an artist inside of you.

One of the first steps you can take, is writing. At first you may not know what to write but you know what? Write about how you actually don't know what to write. Believe me when i say this, DO NOT wait for a moment of inspiration. Discipline will take you more far to success than motivation will.


What role does support play in the arts and artists?

Ultimately, support is one of the most important roles as an audience, community, or just the impact of one person can say so much of the work of art that is presented. Other than the artist making art to connect and release certain emotions from a part of them, they also want to inspire other people that helps them or enjoys their works, and that's usually what drives them to keep going. And as artists, try to support other artists as well, either if it's from the same or different art, local artists or across the world, and know we can learn from them or get influenced by their works in our works. Collaborating is a whole other level of supporting each other and creating magnificent works. I recommend doing that as much as possible, even as a musician.

We can all agree that in this generation we've been pickier with what we listen to, our limitations on what IS art and what is not, and negatively critic and judge more than learn to appreciate what it is for and how the artist emotions were presented and brought to life. We're believing that in today's generation we are "more" open minded, when in reality, we are more closed minded but I blame AIs and media for this. Basically, I call this art suicide, similar to philosophical suicide, but that's another talk for another blog.

On the positive side of technology, we should be thankful for people across the world that can get access to our music, videos, and etc. easily and use to our advantage to share positive feedback or share the artist's works.


Most of you may have just read for the fun of it and read what I had to express with you all, or are curious to become or see what it is to be an artist. Being able to express myself through writing in this introductory blog, was definitely a challenge and pleasure to share with you all. I know many of you were expecting this to be a new single out, but I guess you never know with an artist who loves to create and continue to surprise people with other forms of art. However, something really soon will be released as well, so stay TUNED!

Without art, life wouldn't have a purpose; in the name of art.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me either through my social media platforms, email, or comment below for any recommendations, opinions, or questions you may want to ask me. I am more than happy to answer with all my best!

New blog next Sunday and every Sunday...


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